Xenon Lift Display


The XLCD-01 Series Monochrome LCD Display is a Vertically Oriented LIFT Indicator display to add value to the passenger LIFT & make it attractive by its innovative high tech look.
It comes with Blue & White combination with LED type long life backlighting.
Other than floor legend & LIFT direction it also Displays Text(Name), Real time, Date, Fire Mode, Under Maintenance information.

Features :

 High Bright LED Backlighting with White-Blue combination  display.
 Scrolling  type Direction arrow  indicator.
 English Text floor Legend  indicator.
 Text (Name),Real Time ,Date  display,
 Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery for Real Time Clock.
 On-Site Programmable with on board programming keys.
 Reverse polarity protection of the I/P Power supply.
 Supports Almost all possible combination of the floor designation viz.”P,C,M,-1,L,..etc.
 Simple Seven Segment Interface to suit almost all type of LIFT Controller.
 Optically Isolated Interface prevents any damage to the display card.
 Serial 2-Wire Interface option available.
Supply Voltage DC 10-18 VDC
Supply Current 0.2Amp
Interface Seven Segment optically isolated.
Signal Input Voltage, DC
(optically  isolated input type)
Signal Current, DC
(optically isolated input type)
Display Type   128*64 Dots Monochrome  STN LCD
Effective Viewing Area (mm)     72.0(H) x 40.0 (W)
Physical PCB Size (mm)     115.0(H) x 70.0 (H)
Dot Size    0.48 x 0.48mm
Dot Pitch   0.52 x 0.52mm
Viewing Angle X-axis    -60° to +60°
Viewing Angle Y-axis   -40° to +40°
Floor Legend and Arrow Height
Typically  25  mm
Character Height for Text, Time, Date
Typically 5  mm
Operating Free-air
Temperature Range
0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range
-10°C to 70°C
 10% to 90% non condensing
Available Options
  • Logo Display on Request
  • 2-Wire Interface.